Innocenti Lambretta 125 Li III series - fully restored - 1965

The LAMBRETTA 125 LI III Series was produced from December 1961 to November 1967 in 146,734 units.
This Lambretta has been totally professionally restored and is in perfect body and mechanical condition.
Registration ASI 53884 from 08-08-2007.

The Lambretta is an Italian scooter produced by the mechanical industry Innocenti of Milan, in the Lambrate district, from 1947 to 1972. The name "Lambretta" derives from the river Lambro, which flows in the area where the production plants used to stand.
The Lambretta like the Vespa, represents an italian icon in the fifties and sixties.
The first models produced by the Lambretta had the characteristic of "uncovered bodywork", thus distinguishing itself completely from the Vespa (totally faired), becoming the typical sign of recognition of the Milanese scooter. However the subsequent models produced, exactly from the C model of 1950, were also presented in a faired version.
From the structural point of view, the substantial differences between the Lambretta and the Vespa are mainly two:
- the Vespa was built with a single-piece chassis, the Lambretta had a more rigid tubular structure on which the body was assembled.
- the engine location; in the Lambretta it was placed in a central position, in the Vespa the engine was offset on the right side of the motorcycle.

€ 5.000


Make Innocenti
Model Lambretta Li III series
Condition Used
Year 1965
Fuel type 2% Fuel mixture
Transmission gearbox Manual 4 speed
Displacement 123,1
Num. of cylinders 1
Maximum power (Kw/Cv) 5,29 cv
Emission class Euro 0
Weight (kg) 104
Color White / Celeste
Seats 2


Two-tone paint Luggage rack
The vehicle description is for general indication only and is not a legal guarantee.
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