Carnielli "Tin Tin Ager" bicycle - preserved - 70s

Carnielli bike TIN TIN AGER first series, one of the few produced and the most sought after.
In excellent condition, all original, it can be improved with a small conservative restoration.

Widely advertised on "Mickey Mouse", it constituted the maximum bicycle for male children that could be sought.
It was presented in the Carousel of Tin Tin Alemagna snack in October 1971.
The ‘cross bike’ segment opens with Tin Tin Ager. It has a design similar to that of the 'Choppers' motorcycles of the 'Easy Rider' film characterized by long saddles, horn handlebars, anatomic handles, rear and / or front shock absorbers, small diameter front wheels and numerous other innovations that transformed the bike from object to move to object to live adventures in complete freedom.

Tin Tin Ager could only be won with the TIN-TIN snack, produced by "Alemagna" in Milan. If you were very lucky, you could find the inscription "YOU WON!" But you almost always read "YOU HAVE NOT WON, RETENT" and ate tons of snacks hoping to find it !!

Tin Tin Ager was nothing but a cross bike with an elongated fork and a smaller diameter front wheel.
This is the 1st series and had a three-speed Sachs Torpedo gearbox that was replaced the following year by a similar model with a five-speed Campagnolo gearbox and three front lights and an AM radio with batteries mounted on the handlebar.

€ 2.200


Make Carnielli
Model Tin Tin Ager
Condition Used
Year 1971
Color Yellow
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